TMU opens Muslim prayer room with music and cultural exchange

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2019-06-03

To provide TMU’s growing Muslim student population a suitable prayer area, TMU held an opening ceremony for the new prayer room together with Muslim students.

President Chien-Huang Lin opened the prayer room by presenting a symbolic key with moon and star motif to Muslim Student Association President Edi Sampurno

Muslim students guided guests into the prayer room to explain its furnishings and symbolism. These include a prayer rug from Mecca, a clock indicating prayer times, directional signs to indicate the Qibla (the direction prayers faces) and a Koran in a bookcase. They also explained prayer procedures and rules.

The students’ performance included music and Koran recitations in English and Arabic as well as an original video about the Muslim-friendly campus. The opening ceremony helped other participants better understand the Muslim faith.

Muslim students perform songs at the prayer room event.

TMU Outstanding International Alumni-Kraiwuth Kallawicha

Professors in the department, everyone was really kind to students, so that made all difficulties into small things.—Dr. Kraiwuth Kallawicha

Taipei Medical University hosts Taiwan’s first “Open Education Global Conference”

The 2020 Open Education Global Conference (OEG Conference) took place in Taipei from November 16th to 20th, 2020 at Taipei Medical University (TMU), the first institution in Taiwan hosting such an iconic event.

Taipei Medical University held the “2020 International Medical Forum”

The “2020 International Medical Forum” taking place on August 30, 2020, was jointly organized by Taipei Medical University, the Taipei Medical University Alumni Association, the Taipei Medical University Medical Doctor Association (TMUMDA) and the Civil Doctor Association.

Professor Thierry Burnouf of Taipei Medical University obtained Taiwan Identity Card

Professor Thierry Burnouf, Vice Dean of TMU College of Biomedical Engineering, has been contributing to TMU’s education and research portfolio for more than a decade.

Grand Launching of Taipei Medical University–Nutrition Indonesia Alumni Association

College of Nutrition, Taipei Medical University (TMU) has launched its very first international branch of alumni association on July 23rd, 2020 in i-College TMU, Taipei, Taiwan.

TMU conferred honorary doctorate degree to Chairman Barry Lam (林百里) of Quanta Computer

On September 17, 2020, TMU conferred an honorary doctorate degree to Barry Lam (林百里), Chairman of Quanta Computer, in recognition of his achievements in the development of cutting-edge technologies, as well as his instrumental role in Taiwan’s IT industry and smart living.

Taipei Medical University Hospital hosting “Anti-COVID-19 Workshop” to help medical students from the Kingdom of Eswatini fight on the front line

Medical students from the Kingdom of Eswatini studying in Taiwan attended the “Anti-COVID-19 Workshop” held by Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) in August 2020.