TMU opens Muslim prayer room with music and cultural exchange

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2019-06-03

To provide TMU’s growing Muslim student population a suitable prayer area, TMU held an opening ceremony for the new prayer room together with Muslim students.

President Chien-Huang Lin opened the prayer room by presenting a symbolic key with moon and star motif to Muslim Student Association President Edi Sampurno

Muslim students guided guests into the prayer room to explain its furnishings and symbolism. These include a prayer rug from Mecca, a clock indicating prayer times, directional signs to indicate the Qibla (the direction prayers faces) and a Koran in a bookcase. They also explained prayer procedures and rules.

The students’ performance included music and Koran recitations in English and Arabic as well as an original video about the Muslim-friendly campus. The opening ceremony helped other participants better understand the Muslim faith.

Muslim students perform songs at the prayer room event.

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