TMU College of Oral Medicine re-emerge with a brand-new look

Source: College of Oral Medicine

Published on 2022-03-22

TMU’s College of Oral Medicine strive to bring in technology and diversity in oral medicine education.

By embedding digitization and flipped classrooms in the teaching, the College seek to provide students with the best learning environment.

To improve students’ professional competences and technological skills, and keep their learning in line with the clinical practice and connected to the future workplace, the College have made all-round improvements covering both hardware and software. The recently completed upgrades included digital simulation dental clinics and an AR&VR simulation system for clinical dentistry training. The digital simulation training system allows students to practice the operation of clinical oral treatment. If there is a mistake or deviation in the process, the computer will interpret it immediately and prompt the student to make corrections. With the brand-new investment in infrasture and equipments, TMU College of Oral Medicine continue to attract the young bright minds in Taiwan and around the world with its high-quality, supportive learning environment.