Taipei Medical University Showcased Innovative AI Medical Devices at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan 2023

Source: Center for Management and Development

Published on 2024-02-16

At Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan in December 2023, Taipei Medical University (TMU) Healthcare System presented a pioneering era of intelligent medicine, employing AI technology to safeguard public health.

President Mai-Szu Wu emphasizes patient-centric care, integrating healthcare with technology and sustainable concepts. TMU prioritizes healthcare quality, aligning with global trends for future elderly health.

The affiliated hospitals were excited to exhibit the latest medical devices with public. TMU Hospital (TMUH) exhibited AI-powered dementia prediction with MRI imaging, a satellite X-ray center for lung diseases, and smart mattresses monitoring patients’ pressure 24/7. Meanwhile, Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (WFH) introduced ‘Digital Rapid Lung Cancer Screening’ technology, utilizing AI deep learning for convenient, efficient, non-invasive lung cancer screening, aiding in early detection of precancerous lesions. Additionally, TMU Shuangho Hospital (SHH) presented an AI Stroke platform, delivering a precise diagnosis within 3 minutes, accelerating treatment by identifying stroke size.

TMUH demonstrated “Augmented Reality (AR) in Neurorehabilitation System (right),” and smart mattresses, which are able to monitor patients’ pressure 24/7 (left).

Besides the exhibition, four standout lectures took place. TMUH demonstrated “Augmented Reality (AR) in Neurorehabilitation System,” led by Dr, Chien-Hung Lai from the Rehabilitation Department, illustrating how AR improves neural recovery. WFH unveiled the “Dementia AI Cognitive Therapy System,” presented by Dr. Jowy Tani from the Neurology Department, aiding dementia patients’ daily life skills through physical tabletop tools. SHH emphasized the “Comprehensive Precision Digital Medical System for Kidney Health,” led by Dr. Mei-Yi Wu from Nephrology, automatically detecting acute kidney injury and effectively supporting kidney disease prevention and care. TMU announced the “Innovation Park at Shuangho Campus,” presented by Director Hong Long-Shyan from the Office of Business Development. The park includes the “Industrial R&D Center” and “Innovation Incubation Center” with 37 spaces available for industry engagement, fostering a collaborative biomedical innovation and research base with TMU.

Chairman Ray-Jade Chen highlights TMU’s drive towards smart healthcare. This transformation aligns with the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s policy, transitioning TMU to a next-gen digital medical record system, unifying hospitals on a FHIR-based, web-centric platform.

TMU Healthcare System exhibited pioneering AI medical devices at Healthcare Expo+ Taiwan 2023