TMU Wanfang Hospital Champions Cervical Cancer Prevention through First Pap Smear in Somaliland

Source: TMU Wanfang Hospital

Published on 2023-12-19

Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (TMU Wanfang Hospital), in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Development of the Republic of Somaliland and Hargeisa Group Hospital’s obstetrics and gynecology department, undertook the first pap smear initiative, focusing on cervical cancer prevention.

Figure 1. Allen Chenhwa Lou (left), the ambassador of Taiwan Representative Office in the Republic of Somaliland discussed about the pap smear with doctors from TMU Wanfang Hospital

Cervical cancer ranks as the fourth most prevalent cancer worldwide and poses a significant health challenge for women. Several factors, including smoking, multiple sexual partners, or frequent childbirth, can contribute to cervical cancer. Despite its high ranking, cervical cancer is preventable and treatable when detected early and managed effectively. Conducting pap smears allows for the early identification of cytopathic changes, dysplasia, and carcinogenesis. This early detection enables doctors to initiate prompt treatment, thereby increasing the chances of successful outcomes.

In response to these challenges, TMU Wanfang Hospital organized the “Saving Life in 6 Mins— Pad Smear” campaign in Somaliland, bringing Taiwan’s 28-year experience in pap smears to the region. It is said that when the mother is healthy, it paves the way for the well-being and happiness of the family. Since its inception, TMU Wanfang Hospital has remained steadfast in its mission to promote health and well-being in Taiwan while extending a helping hand to other countries in need, including Vietnam, Eswatini, and Honduras. In 2023, TMU WanFang Hospital’s medical team embarked on a determined journey to Somaliland, with the aim of facilitating good health and well-being of the world. TMU Wanfang Hospital’s commitment to this endeavor continues, and it aspires to reach out to more countries seeking medical assistance.

Figure 2. TMU Wanfang Hospital started collaboration with Somaliland in preventing cervical cancer in July 2023]