Marching Down the Road of Long-Term Care: TMU Held an Examination Forum of Taiwan’s Long-Term Care Plan 2.0

Source: TMU Research Center for Health and Welfare Policy

Published on 2023-05-05

In March 2023, TMU Research Center of Health and Welfare Policy co-organized a forum to examine Taiwan’s Long-term Care Plan 2.0, which has been conducted for six years since 2017, with Taiwan Home Service Strategic Alliance and Taiwan Society for Development of Long-Term Care and Senior Health Management.

Executive Yuan of Taiwan noted that Taiwan, now an aged society, would become a hyper-aged society by 2026, which means that there is sure to be a rise in the number of people in need of long-term care. Therefore, the Taiwan Government came up with the Long-Term Care Plan 2.0, aiming its core value user-oriented.

The photo of speakers and participants attended the forum

In the pursuit of delivering high-quality medical service, TMU contributes to long-term care in accordance with the Government’s policy. Meanwhile, TMU was aware of the necessity of examining and reflecting to the ongoing strategy to sketch plans for the challenging future. Therefore, the forum had its focuses on the functions of a service-integrated center within a community, the talent resource and development system, and the preparation for transitioning from hospitalization to long-term care services.

Xin-ning Tu, Chairman of the Taiwan Home Service Strategic Alliance, shared that long-term care systems should evolve with the times and technology. Service that traditionally relied on manpower can now be facilitated by technology, making it easier and more efficient. Moreover, by integrating with the technology of big data, related institutions can have a better understanding of the effectiveness of service quality and further inspect and improve their serving mode.

Finally, the forum was drawn to an informative close with the exchange of opinions from diverse perspectives. TMU hoped that holding the forum could encourage people to pay more attention to long-term care.