Unveiling the Remarkable Innovative Smart Healthcare Research― A Joint Exposition of TMU and NTUT

Source: Office of Businese Development

Published on 2023-11-16

In July 2023, Taipei Medical University (TMU) collaborated with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) to present seven pivotal outcomes from their medical technology project, highlighting Taiwan’s strength in smart healthcare.

Established two years ago, the Taipei Tech Joint Research Center of TMU and NTUT has been dedicated to conducting exceptional research projects with a focus on applying AI techniques to medical treatments. TMU highly values the opportunities to collaborate with NTUT and continues to invest in supporting new talents’ research. The joint research center encompasses a wide range of research fields, including AI, biotechnology, medical devices, and information and communications technology (ICT). TMU is confident that the introduction of innovative techniques will elevate the quality of healthcare.

The photo of distinguished senior officials from TMU and NTUT

The achievements of the Taipei Tech Joint Research Center are noteworthy. For instance, one research team developed an anti-adhesion product available in powder, gel, and dressing forms, aimed at addressing a common challenge in surgical procedures. This innovative product has the potential to benefit surgeries in orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, minimally invasive surgery, and plastic surgery. Moreover, the development team has established Foresight Biomaterial Company to ensure stable production of product. Another team introduced an AI spinal endoscopy capable of analyzing real-time surgical images. This breakthrough overcomes challenges associated with blood obscuring the endoscopy’s lens, allowing for precise identification of bleeding spots and a significant reduction in surgical risks. These exceptional research projects undoubtedly will prove invaluable to surgeons in the future.

In this era, the integration of medical biotechnology with various professions is expected to provide comprehensive services. In the future, TMU aims to combine medical services and technology to foster collaboration across multiple fields and further realize its vision of promoting good health and well-being for the general public.