Securing Patients’ Health Information Privacy- TMU Led Discussions on Medical Cybersecurity with Industrial Experts in Health Data Forum

Source: College of Public Health

Published on 2024-03-11

In response to the increasing need for safeguarding patient health information in the digital era, TMU Healthcare System organized the “Legal Trends in the Commercial Use of Health Data Forum” in collaboration with Novartis Taiwan.

Salah Mostafa remarked that Taiwan had a promising future of digital healthcare market (left) and Chung-Hsi Lee noted the value of collective health information (right).

The event aimed to address the evolving landscape of information security within healthcare institutions. Experts spanning diverse fields gathered to delve into crucial aspects. Salah Mostafa, Head of Legal (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa) at Novartis, highlighted Taiwan’s potential in the digital healthcare market, emphasizing the necessity of collaboration among industries, governments, and hospitals for a robust information security system. Tzu-Hsiung Wang, Director of the Institute for Information Industry Digital Transformation Center, discussed legal affairs related to health information use, referencing methods and regulations from Western countries. Chih-Hsiung Chen, Dean of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University College of Science, stressed government support, transparency, and independence in managing health information. Tina Sun, Study and Site Operations Country Head of Taiwan Novartis Global Drug Development Center Clinical Research Department, explored the practical application of digital tools and data in clinical trials.

Chung-Hsi Lee, Deputy Director of TMU Health and Welfare Policy Research Center, highlighted the societal value of collective health information, emphasizing the healthcare system’s mission to secure this information. The forum concluded with a focus on the importance of progress through safeguarding health information.

The photo of esteemed guests.

Delve into the Depth of Medical Cybersecurity with Experts:

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