TMU Healthcare System Showcases Sustainable Success at 2023 SDGs Asia Exhibition

Source: TMU Sustainable Development and Secretariat

Published on 2023-12-05

Taipei Medical University Healthcare System (TMU Healthcare System) exhibited distinguished sustainable development achievements in the 2023 SDGs Asia Exhibition which took place in July 2023.

In line with the exhibition’s commitment to a net-zero future, TMU Healthcare System creatively designed its booth with focuses on sustainable campus development and green healthcare. By consistently working towards multiple dimensions of the SDGs, TMU Healthcare System contributes to a brighter net-zero future for the world.

The photo of Ray-Jade Chen, the chairman of TMU Board of Trustees, and TMU’s senior officials

This year, TMU has been dedicated to promoting the concept of low-carb diets to the general public. The university has integrated food education into public events, especially targeting students, with the hope of fostering an appreciation for low-carb living and a net-zero lifestyle.