The Ministry of Health and Welfare and TMU hold the Traditional Chinese Medicine Herb Culture Festival

Source: Office of Continuing & Extension Education

Published on 2022-03-15

The Ministry of Health and Welfare joined hands with Taipei Medical University Office of Continuing and Extension Education to organize the grand 2021 Traditional Chinese Medicine Herb Culture Festival, which took place from November 27th to December 5th in Taipei City’s Dihua Business District.

Dihua Business District is the most important Chinese medicine distribution center in Taipei City. Together with about 60 Chinese medicine shops across Taiwan, this Festival had on-site and online activities, under the themes including stress relief, tea-drinking, skin immunity, herbal tonic, and historical epidemic prevention to daily epidemic prevention, offering the public great opportunities to learn about Chinese medicine through fun and entertaining games. In addition to improving understanding of the Chinese herbal medicine and their use in pandemic prevention, the Festival also showed participants how to deal with depressive mood with the help of the unique medicinal fragrance of these medicinal herbs.

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