Taipei Medical University Won the Distinguished Innovation Award for Academic and Research Institutions

Source: Office of Business Development

Published on 2023-09-04

On May 15th, 2023, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs held the joint awards ceremony of the 8th National Innovation Award and National Invention and Creation Award of 2022.

Wen-tsan Cheng, the vice premier of the Executive Yuan, and Mei-hua Wang, the minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, were the presenters of the ceremony. The award would go to the people or organizations who dedicate to industry-university cooperation in Taiwan along with sustainability and innovative industries, such as AI industrialization and semiconductor supply train. With numerous outstanding competitors, Taipei Medical University (TMU) stands out and won the award of excellence in the “Organizations & Institutions” category. The other categories include “Individual Contestants” and “Teams & Groups.”

During the ceremony, TMU’s President, Chien-huang Lin emphasized that the university’s goal is not only to cultivate professionals capable of problem-solving but also to create innovative value for industries, hence positively influencing society. Since 2022, TMU has increasingly focused research innovation, recognizing it as a significant catalyst for societal development. In addition, TMU has set the construction of the “Medical Innovation, Industrial Liaison and Biomedical Science Start-ups System” as one of its priorities. To promote university-industry collaboration in biomedical technology development, TMU utilizes its professional cultivation program to further invigorate the industrial sector for strengthened alignment with international standards.

Since 2020, TMU has positioned itself as an innovative university with a strong focus on collaboration between industry and university through sustainable management of these relations. TMU further introduced the world-renowned Stanford Biodesign program to complement its unique Biomedical Sciences Professional Cultivate Platform. Moreover, the university established the TMU SPARK, which has counselled more than 80 innovative groups and helped start up 28 innovative companies. Meanwhile, TMU established Taiwan’s first Biomed accelerator, assisting 49 national and international biomedical start-ups by introducing novel business strategies and conducting important clinical trials. These accomplishments have proven TMU an ideal channel for innovative start-ups seeking to meet the standards of the Asia-Pacific market.