Government of the Virgin Islands delegation visits Taipei Medical University

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2023-08-21

The Office of Global Engagement had the privilege of hosting Siobhan Flax, Deputy Director/Asia-Pacific Affairs Officer of the Government of the Virgin Islands on 18 August 2023. Ms. Flax’s visit to the serene Shuangho Campus, where she had the opportunity to explore the distinguished College of Public Health.

Immersing herself in the atmosphere, Ms. Flax expressed genuine amazement at the innovative design of the college facilities and was deeply impressed by the inviting ambiance that enveloped the college. Particularly noteworthy was her admiration for the personalized working stations allocated to each postgraduate student, a testament to the college’s commitment to providing an enriching academic environment.

We eagerly anticipate the prospects of fostering a continued and mutually beneficial partnership in the times ahead. We remain dedicated to furthering our cooperation to enhance the realm of education.

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