White Christmas Gathering 2024

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Published on 2024-01-08

On the evening of December 22nd, the 2104 classroom at Taipei Medical University was filled with people from around the world who came together for a heartwarming Christmas event – the “2023 Winter Christmas Gathering.” With the theme of a White Christmas, the event attracted people of all races, genders, and ages.

This heartwarming gathering brought together students from Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, and many other countries. They formed teams to participate in challenging games, each of which was carefully prepared. There was even a Christmas song karaoke station, ensuring that laughter and song filled the entire event.

The main goal of this Christmas gathering was to promote cultural exchange among students and to enjoy a warm evening together by celebrating Christmas. The humorous introduction by the host added a lot of fun to the event. Of course, a Christmas gathering wouldn’t be complete without food. The organizers prepared food such as Christmas wreath cupcakes, Italian tuna pancakes, lettuce and shrimp rolls, bean curd and asparagus rolls, and more, allowing participants to satisfy their appetites while playing games.

The evening began with the host opening the event, followed by each team tackling different challenges. There were games such as “pin the nose on the reindeer”, “Christmas guess who game”, “guess the number of candy canes”, “Christmas trivia”, and more. Everyone enthusiastically participated. They could also visit Christmas card making station or karaoke station on the side.

After finishing the games, here came the most exciting part – the awards ceremony, followed by bingo and the gift exchange. Within just two hours, everyone had a fulfilling and joyful White Christmas.

We would like to thank the teachers and students who participated, making the 2023 Taipei Medical Winter Christmas Gathering a successful and heartwarming event of cultural exchange. We look forward to more opportunities like this in the future, where we can come together globally and celebrate different cultures.