Taipei Medical University recently co-hosted two events with IBM to discuss the application of innovative information technology and artificial intelligence in medical care.

Academics from around the world attended a TMU-IBM Joint Symposium/JCMIT 2017 on Innovation in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Health Care and JCMIT 2017: Joint Conference on Medical Informatics in Taiwan.

The former meeting gathered experts to discuss artificial intelligence trends impacting health care, as well as specific applications for treatment.

The IBM Watson research center integrates and develops machine learning, data mining, visual analyses, decision sciences and calculation methods to harness big data while considering individual variations in genetics, lifestyle, medication, social behavior and environmental data to assist clinical work. Taipei Medical University Hospital, Wanfang Medical Center, Shuang Ho Hospital and TMU’s Taipei Cancer Center have used the IBM Watson for Oncology system since June.

TMU and Microsoft Taiwan initiate AI talent cultivation plan.

Taipei Medical University and Microsoft Taiwan have launched a plan to cultivate AI talent, with Microsoft providing teaching materials on data science, big data, AI and other subjects in combination with TMU’s medical treatment database. Through the integration of online and offline courses, Microsoft’s digital certification mechanisms and datathon implementation, students’ AI talent can be developed and connected with the world.

Starting this fall semester at TMU, the AI talent cultivation plan uses the Microsoft Professional Program’s course materials. After training that integrates online and offline coursework, a datathon is held to test students’ AI application skills. After completing the course, students will have a solid foundation of AI skills as well as international certification so they can apply what they learned and contribute to various fields.


The university has long focused on combining local data science, big data and AI, so Microsoft’s online and offline courses on data science, big data analysis, machine learning and AI applications add to this expertise. By using TMU’s existing medical data to develop smart medical treatment applications, these advances promote “smart hospitals” combining robotics and automated medical treatment procedures.

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