TMU Healthcare System Shines at Taiwan Climate Action Expo: Global Recognition for International Medical Collaboration and Sustainable Health Achievements

Source: Office of Sustainable Development

Published on 2024-03-25

Jan-Show Chu, the Executive Vice President at TMU, led the TMU Healthcare System (TMUHS) team’s participation in the 2023 Taiwan Climate Action Expo (TWCAE3) themed “Meet the Future”.

This engagement was a direct response to the Songshan Declaration, showcasing TMUHS’ commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Songshan Declaration is a joint initiative by industry, government, academia, and various sectors of society, aiming to respond to the “Summary for Policymakers” of the Sixth Assessment Report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on March 20th, 2023. The report sounded the alarm on global warming, indicating that the Earth may surpass the 1.5°C target in the early 2030s, making it more challenging to keep it within 2°C. The unfortunate news sounded TMUHS’ alarm, consolidating its commitment to realize sustainable goals.

Combining the experience of climate change in Austronesian islands, TMUHS exhibited its achievements in promoting public health internationally, including propelling the prevention of infectious disease, nutrition education, and climate change adaptation, and won the award of the best realignment and tenacity at TWCAE3.

Cherng stated the significance of global equity of public health (left) and Chu led TMUHS team (right) to showcase its achievements in promoting international public health.

Additionally, Yih-Giun Cherng, Superintendent of TMU Shuang Ho Hospital (SHH), was invited to give a speech on the healthcare challenges in Marshall Island amid climate change. Highlighting global warming’s impact through SHH’s public health project example, he stressed the pivotal role of adaptability in international medicine, evident during the COVID-19 outbreak. Cherng also emphasized eliminating healthcare inequity for nations to collaboratively build a more “livable future.”