2023 TMU Chinese Boot Camp Highlights

An Immersive Journey into Language and Culture

Source: Taipei Medical University

Published on 2023-09-12

The 2023 TMU Chinese Boot Camp, spanning four enriching days, delved into the depths of Chinese language and culture. Hosted by Office of Global Engagement (OGE), this immersive event offered attendees a unique blend of language learning, cultural experiences, and memorable interactions.

The journey began with an intensive one-day on-campus Chinese course, where participants embarked on their linguistic voyage. In parallel, a Chinese Calligraphy session allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the graceful strokes of Chinese characters. To accentuate the cultural connection, participants had the opportunity to adorn themselves in Han-style clothing, a visual representation of China’s rich heritage.

A change of scenery on day two led participants to Maokong, where they delved into the world of tea culture. Engaging in a Tea-Flavored Snack DIY session amidst picturesque tea plantations, attendees not only enjoyed culinary delights but also gained insights into the intricacies of tea production.

The third day transported participants to Dadaocheng, a neighborhood steeped in history. Here, they experienced a Retro Costume Dress-Up, donning attire from various Chinese historical eras, allowing for a tangible connection to tradition. A guided Historical Walking Tour through Dadaocheng provided a glimpse into its architectural wonders and historical landmarks, deepening appreciation for Taiwan’s rich heritage.

The camp commenced with a networking Buffet, fostering connections and camaraderie among participants. A traditional Chinese tea ceremony followed, where attendees learned the meticulous art of tea preparation and appreciation. The day culminated in a spirited Chinese Speaking Competition, showcasing linguistic prowess and fluency in a friendly competition.

The 2023 TMU Chinese Boot Camp was a resounding success, seamlessly blending language learning, cultural immersion, and historical exploration. Participants departed not only with improved language skills but also a profound and lasting appreciation for Chinese traditions and history..