It’s Not All About Medicine- A Special Teacher Leading TMU Students on An Ancient Tea Journey

Source: Center for General Education

Published on 2024-02-13

An interactive tea exhibition kicked off on TMU’s campus in October 2023, which encompassed games, videos, and replications of ancient tea wares, and attracted more than 500 faculty and students to the exhibition.

Surprisingly, such a grand event was organized merely by a student, Shu-Han Yang, from the School of Nutrition and Health Sciences, who is also the campus ambassador of the National Palace Museum (NPM).

Publications related to Tea were displayed on the site (left); Yang took a photo with participants (right).

Obsessed with the profound cultural heritage and the fascinating ancient art of ceramic wares, Yang combined her passion with her academic profession to hold an exhibition. “I was strolling down the campus and suddenly noticed the considerable numbers of tea shops around the university,” Yang shared, “I was excited when the idea of combining tea and ceramic wares in an exhibition popped into my mind.”

The exhibition displayed publications related to Chinese tea culture, including the tradition of the tea ceremony, the meanings of different tea wares, and the nutrition of tea. While playing the introduction videos on the exhibition sites, participants could appreciate the duplicated relics of tea wares, leaving a deep impression of tea culture in mind. Yang also noted that the Gacha game on the site was the most popular among the participants, realizing the concept of learning while playing.

Since 2018, TMU has forged a special relationship with NPM by opening courses that train students’ abilities of organizing, tour-guiding, and public speaking. The exhibition held by Yang served as the best example of the collaboration outcome. Given the positive results, TMU will continue to encourage students to enhance cultural literacy and plans to include more groups on campus, including international faculty and students.