Trekking Together 2023 – TMU Initiative to Promote Health and Wellbeing

Source: Office of Public Affairs

Published on 2023-08-29

To raise the general public’s awareness of good health, Trekking Together 2023 was organized by Taipei Medical University with three of its affiliated hospitals – Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH), Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (TMU Wanfang Hospital), and Taipei Medical University Hsin Kuo Min Hospital (TMU Hsin Kuo Min Hospital).

The event took place from February 19th to April 15th and attracted many participants including students, staff of the TMU healthcare system, as well as members of the neighboring community.

Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH)
Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH) collaborated with Sung Shan Tsu Huei Temple to hold the Mountain Clean-up and Disaster Prevention Fair on April 15th. The Chairman of TMU, Ray-Jade Chen, the President of TMU, Mai-Szu Wu, and the Superintendent of TMUH, Chun-Ming Shih, led the colleagues in attending the event to emphasize the importance of health awareness, which also attracted enthusiastic participation from the public. TMUH always considered it essential to raise people’s awareness of health maintenance and has tirelessly worked towards this goal. TMUH believes that the event provides a precious opportunity to convey its philosophy to the public.

Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (TMU Wanfang Hospital)
TMU Wanfang Hospital continued the tradition of collaboration Chih Nan Temple by inviting people to go hiking together. Walking along the prayer trail up to the temple, participants get to appreciate the natural landscape of Taiwan’s mountains. During the event, TMU Wanfang Hospital not only provided dessert for the participants but also offered free health examinations, prize quizzes, and various performances on the spot, aiming to raise awareness about personal health and wellbeing.

Taipei Medical University Hsin Kuo Min Hospital (TMU Hsin Kuo Min Hospital)
TMU Hsin Kuo Min Hospital invited people of all ages to join a trekking activity aimed at promoting the importance of leading a healthy life. The hospital hopes that through this event, they can strengthen their engagement with the community and achieve their goal of caring for local people’s health. To create a stronger impact of this event, TMU Hsin Kuo Min Hospital collaborated with several public agencies and institutes in Taoyuan, such as the Department of Public Health and the Taoyuan Fire Department. Yung-Ho Hsu, the superintendent of TMU Hsin Kuo Min Hospital, expressed his belief that such a wholesome and positive event would enable the hospital able to take better and more efficient care of the health of people in Taoyuan.

In collaboration with other TMU-affiliated hospitals, TMU organized various interesting and meaningful activities to encourage people’s participation. In addition to fostering relationship between hospitals and their respective local communities, TMU aimed to convey not only the importance of civilians’ good health but also the concept of sustainable cities and communities. Fortunately, civilians actively participated, and all three events ended successfully.

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